What is Trauma and How do we Deal with It?

As most therapist know, people with trauma or traumatic experiences have at one point of their life undergone a severe encounter where their emotion has infringed good reasoning. It is the basic neurological wiring for survival that start to dictate the behavior of a person with a traumatic experience and therefore has become irrational. It is because the mind is no longer in control that people in trauma experiences this traumatic despair that is scary, frightening, painful, and not bound by time. The irrational behavior displayed by a person who has undergone trauma is a behavior of survival because when one is confronted with something that reminds them of that traumatic incident, the rational sense of past and future shuts down and the emotions take over.

When the brain does not want to resolve the trauma, the results is a state where there is visual imagery, rapid observation, and complex breathing. Here's a good read about  life coach, check it out! 

The problem, then, of therapists is how to get the rational brain function back so that person will start thinking clearly, to learn that the traumatic experience happened in that past and there is no longer any threat to talk about it. The therapist must resolve this problem.

Stress chemicals are produced in the body by a person who is under trauma, and these chemical have no outlet. A distress message from the brain which the adrenals receive will trigger the release of adrenalin and cortisol which are hormones that will either make the person fight or flee. This precautionary hormone must be dissipated so that if the person is placed in a situation where he cannot fight and cannot flee, if he is trapped and stuck, the person freezes. This is how trauma starts. Kindly visit this website  https://wakeup-world.com/2015/01/31/how-to-heal-emotional-trauma/ for more useful reference. 

There is a boost of oxygen and glucose supply to the brain and muscles when the fight or flight hormones are released into the blood stream. This results in the dilation of the blood vessels and air passages. In other words, the body is able to pass more blood to the muscles and get more oxygen into the lungs. Therefore physical exercise is one good way to dispel hormonal disorders and prevent patients from suffering chemical imbalance in the brain instead of pumping relaxants and other forms of medication.

If the person learns how to relax the body, then it can greatly help in dispelling hormonal disorders. If you are more relaxes, then you are more rational than emotional. This is the reason why a lot of trauma therapy is based on pairing a relaxed state of the body and the mind. It would also include an exposure to traumatic memories. With an objective mind, the trauma healing can have more success.